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We could of course get into a very long “discussion” about the actual market value of these so-called “certifications,” although I do not see advantage in doing so now.   When I am hiring a workman to do something for me, the most important thing that I check is their references.   (And in the case of Perl-related personnel, I also ask them for their PerlMonks user-name and read through the things that they have actually posted.)   This really is a thing that you learn by doing.   I am not saying that I “diss” whatever signs a person may have that they are pressing for self-improvement, and I also know that “everyone must start somewhere,” but just bear in mind that a certification is not a Golden Ticket.   I have never considered it seriously in any hiring decision I have ever made.   Perhaps you can use it to good advantage in your personal sales-presentation, but do not expect it to do the selling for you.