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I've seen people's CVs (resumes) with Brainbench Certifications / Scores on it, so I don't really see why you shouldn't use PerlMonks. Although IMO a concrete test score would look better than "Level 8 Bishop on PerlMonks." I guess it's down to what you as a person feel is right, if you are proud of your contribution to the site and you feel it accurately reflects your status in the Perl Community, then by all means show it to them.

Perhaps providing links to useful code, or good answers to tough questions you have written would be a good idea to include. If you're gonna link to PM as a reference, they'll want to see some action, not just the picture on your homenode. So make sure you've got a few "Top Nodes" up your sleeve. I think that would work.

Update: FYI, I am *clearly* stating that your XP level does not equate to skill. Which is why I suggested a code link or an answer link...

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