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It is interesting to see how people are against the idea of writing a replacement of CGI.PM because new code is worse to begin with.

Hi, you must be new :)

For years after appeared, people were still brokenly reinventing it

For years after was made a core perl module, people were still brokenly reinventing it, and then asking why their code is broken and how to fix it

It is such a frequent and impressive waste of time that Ovid wrote use CGI or die; and Ovid's CGI Course 10 years ago, 6 years after CGI obsoleted all imitators

And maybe it is okay to reinvent the wheel once in a while otherwise we can never make it rounder..

Yes, its ok to reinvent a wheel, like reinventing aspirin, but it has to be an obvious improvement, and you have to be able to make it yourself and be prepared for the appropriate amount of criticism

But, if you're advocating hitting yourself over the head with a rock as a replacement for aspirin , expect the worst :)

Take a look through the bug reports and changes files some time -- anyone reinventing is smart enough to make thrice as many mistakes :)

See CGI::Simple, its minus the html generation code (ie, its faster), written 10 years ago, through advanced reuse concept of "copy" and "paste"

See also PSGI/Plack, written 2 years ago, it is the next generation , beyond the CGI (note, not )

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