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This is, indeed, the latest in a series of threads that you have posted here, all of which have been dutifully (and repetitiously) answered, to the effect of:   “here’s my program, and it doesn’t work, and will somebody [else...] now please fix it all for me?”

The ahort answer is...   no.

It is quite unreasonable, even a bit unfair, to ask or to expect such a thing.   All of us have our own self-made monstrosities to debug and figure out.   The crux of the repeated comments that have already been made is that the present design of this program is very poor, and that this is the root cause of why it isn’t working and probably never will.   Take the good and sound advice that you have already been given, and act upon it, and when you have further questions to ask after having done so, we remain here and willing to help you, as before.   But also take our repeated advice that it is useless to play “whack a mole” with a program that has an inherently poor and flawed design.   If the fundamental design of the thing is broken, as this one surely is, then you need to dismantle its framework and build it around ideas and principles that are suitable and sound; such ideas having already been given to you, and in great detail by experts such as BrowserUK, in the many previous replies and threads.