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Due to my users are complete morons...

Be careful with those stones: One might call someone who uses a sentence as poorly constructed as that a "moron", too.

Your users are not morons. They're human. What's more, they're humans who don't really need to worry about whether there's a space between before the AM/PM. Why should they waste their human brain cycles dealing with something that the machine can handle just as well?

Remember why we're programmers: "Machines should work. People should think." The whole point of the machine is to take the drudgery off the human. Taking a snippy attitude at your users benefits no one.

Fortunately, Perl makes this sort of drudgery simple to handle, as you've already seen.

Take the path to the light of helpfulness, not to the darkness of insulting your customers.

Throw down the gun and tiara and come out of the float!