I don't want to know the hoops that the CPU went through to translate this file. All I know is that I didn't have to go through those hoops myself.

Nice story, but those CPU hoops, they don't amount to very much:

C:\test>dir messages.js 20/12/2012 23:59 46,803 messages.js C:\test>crc32 messages.js 91c9dc22 C:\test>perl -nE"ord()>127 and print for split'', $_" messages.js C:\test>perl -e "open $fh, '<:encoding(iso88591)', 'messages.js'; $/=u +ndef; $f = <$fh>; open $out, '>:utf8', 'messages.js.utf8'; print $out + $f;" C:\test>dir messages.* 20/12/2012 23:59 46,803 messages.js 21/12/2012 00:04 46,803 messages.js.utf8 C:\test>perl -nE"ord()>127 and print for split'', $_" messages.js.utf8 C:\test>crc32 messages.js.utf8 91c9dc22

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