It's Friday, I've switched from developer to admin, as usual, and decided to upgrade some of our machines.

There's a script to set permissions on a Linux machine based on what can be found in an LDAP server of the Samba NT4 domain controller. Not pretty, but it is working.

After updating to Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, LDAP access does not work any more:

SSL connect attempt failed error:14161044:SSL routines:state_machine:i +nternal error at myscript line 23

Line 23 is:

my $ldap=Company::LDAP->new();

Company::LDAP inherits from Net::LDAP and reads all required options for Net::LDAP->new() from a global configuration file:

my $conffile='/etc/ldap.conf'; sub my_conf { state %conf; my $key=shift; unless ($conf{'.read'}++) { open my $f,'<',$conffile or die "Can't open $conffile +for reading: $!"; while (<$f>) { next if /^\#/; next if /^\s+$/; s/^\s+//; s/\s+$//; my ($k,$v)=split /\s+/,$_,2; warn "Duplicate key $k in $conffile line $.\n" + if exists $conf{$k}; $conf{$k}=$v; } close $f; my $fn=$conffile; $fn=~s/\.conf$/.secret/; open my $f2,'<',$fn or die "Can't open $fn for reading +: $!"; $conf{'.secret'}=<$f2>; chomp $conf{'.secret'}; close $f2; } return $conf{$key}; } sub new { my $proto=shift; my $uri=URI->new(my_conf('uri') // die "Missing uri in $conffi +le\n"); my $host=$uri->host(); my $scheme=$uri->scheme(); my $path=$uri->path(); my $port=$uri->port(); my %opts=( onerror => 'die', host => $host, scheme => $scheme, port => $port, timeout => my_conf('timelimit')//120, version => my_conf('ldap_version')//3, inet4 => 1, inet6 => 0, ); my $ldap=$proto->SUPER::new($host,%opts) or die "Can't connect + to $host: $@"; if ((my_conf('ssl')//'') eq 'start_tls') { %opts=(); $opts{'verify'}='none'; $opts{'cafile'}=my_conf('tls_cacertfile') // die "Miss +ing tls_cacertfile in $conffile\n"; # $opts{'capath'}=$opts{'cafile'}=~s|/[^/]+$|/|; $opts{'sslversion'}='tlsv1_1'; $ldap->start_tls(%opts); } return $ldap; }

/etc/ldap.conf is

base dc=company,dc=de uri ldap:// ldap_version 3 rootbinddn cn=ldapadmin,dc=company,dc=de timelimit 5 bind_timelimit 3 pam_password crypt ssl start_tls tls_cacertfile /etc/ssl/certs/company-cacert.pem

(plus a lot of comments)

The problematic machine is actually a copy of another machine, still running the older Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. That one runs exactly the same code without problems.

Google gave me tons of results, but with an SNR close to zero. I've no clue what is wrong here.


Today I will gladly share my knowledge and experience, for there are no sweeter words than "I told you so". ;-)

In reply to Internal SSL error after Ubuntu update by afoken

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