e) People think they are replying honestly, but simply do not understand the types or themselves.

Programming generally is an internally logical task, making the introverted Ts the most likely to do it. And then, the intuitives enjoy problem solving, so INs as well. This makes the INTP the most likely coder, with INTJ coming in second. The INFs should join in as well both for their intuitive side, and the ISTPs too, because the T is dominant. The SJs, as a general rule, would hate coding, at least when it involves abstract thinking.

Many people simply do not understand the questions, or they answer them with what they want to be, rather than what they are. Also, as people get older they change, and the questions must be answered by what they "were" not what they feel they currently are. As such, these tests often produce incorrect results when administered by people (including themselves!) that do not understand the theories behind the typology.

Further, as the poll also shows, many people simply don't care. SJs and NFs can have a natural abhorrence of typing people. The former because it just doesn't seem right. The latter because it seems to take away their humanity by putting them in boxes. Needless to say, neither of these groups seem to appreciate the theory for what it is.

In my experience, it seems that most programmers are Ps and most database programmers are Js. Just most though. COBOL is an exception, where there might be a bunch of SJs lingering in those positions. Anyway, this poll is a lot of fun, but i would not rely on the results very much.

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