FWIW, here a found a partial solution ...

Adding a parameter displaytype with the value xml to the vote request/form will result in returning an xml instead of HTML.

For instance

<node id="1202729" title="regex replace a string" created="2017-11-03 +19:37:29" updated="2017-11-03 19:37:29"> <type id="115">perlquestion</type> <author id="1139608">OldChamp</author> <data> <field name="doctext"> <p> In a text file there are constant string1, for example Event "?" f +ollowed by some text and then a string2, which is spacebspace- or spa +cewspace-.</p> <p> I want to replace string1 with Event "Black to move" or Event "Whi +te to move" dependant on srting2.</p> </field> <field name="reputation">-2</field> </data> </node>

Load wise it's still not optimal, because the raw content of the root post is still returned in field doctext but it's OK for an XML-HTTP-request.

One can also vote on posts of the subtree, but the resulting reputation is not included, and needs to be gathered separately.

Cheers Rolf
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