I share those concerns. In an ideal world, I'd like to see measurements of the efficiency of the funds invested in Perl, as well as whatever information TPF has learned from its investments.

For example, what happened with that $200,000 grant for P6 back a few years ago? $100k of that was intended for development, and the other half was intended to be invested in activities to encourage future donations?

How much money was invested in Parrot development and promotion before Rakudo developers unilaterally decided to deprecate it?

How many end users are helped by each dollar put into conferences versus Perl core maintenance versus research and development? When is R&D expected to pay off?

How much volunteer time is invested managing grants, and how many of those grants lead to successful results?

I know it's a volunteer organization and managing all of these details isn't fun (especially if the results suggest money and time could have been allocated more effectively), but I'd like to know where donations of time and money go.

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