See podselect / Pod::Select

Speaking of rt://pmtools, some really old bugs

$ pmdesc CGI no description found $ pman CGI pod2text: unable to format D:/citrusperl/site/lib/CGI.pm $ podpath CGI D:/citrusperl/site/lib/CGI.pm

perldoc has no issues with it

$ perldoc -l CGI D:\citrusperl\site\lib\CGI.pod $ perldoc -l -m CGI D:\citrusperl\site\lib\CGI.pm

No quotemeta in Loaded.pm        if ($path =~ m/$devel_loaded$/) {

plxload still hardcodes /dev/null instead of using File::Spec->devnull

Naturally all the test files pretend they're on unix (new bug)

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