Hi All,

I am currently experimenting with the perl module Net::XMPP to try and connect to a chat server and be notified of new chat messages. I have taken the following client.pl code from the examples page of the Net:XMPP Perl site.

use Net::XMPP; use strict; if ($#ARGV < 4) { print "\nperl client.pl <server> <port> <username> <password> <res +ource> \n\n"; exit(0); } my $server = $ARGV[0]; my $port = $ARGV[1]; my $username = $ARGV[2]; my $password = $ARGV[3]; my $resource = $ARGV[4]; $SIG{HUP} = \&Stop; $SIG{KILL} = \&Stop; $SIG{TERM} = \&Stop; $SIG{INT} = \&Stop; my $Connection = new Net::XMPP::Client(); $Connection->SetCallBacks(message=>\&InMessage, presence=>\&InPresence, iq=>\&InIQ); my $status = $Connection->Connect(hostname=>$server, port=>$port); if (!(defined($status))) { print "ERROR: Jabber server is down or connection was not allowed +.\n"; print " ($!)\n"; exit(0); } my @result = $Connection->AuthSend(username=>$username, password=>$password, resource=>$resource); if ($result[0] ne "ok") { print "ERROR: Authorization failed: $result[0] - $result[1]\n"; exit(0); } print "Logged in to $server:$port...\n"; $Connection->RosterGet(); print "Getting Roster to tell server to send presence info...\n"; $Connection->PresenceSend(); print "Sending presence to tell world that we are logged in...\n"; while(defined($Connection->Process())) { } print "ERROR: The connection was killed...\n"; exit(0); sub Stop { print "Exiting...\n"; $Connection->Disconnect(); exit(0); } sub InMessage { my $sid = shift; my $message = shift; my $type = $message->GetType(); my $fromJID = $message->GetFrom("jid"); my $from = $fromJID->GetUserID(); my $resource = $fromJID->GetResource(); my $subject = $message->GetSubject(); my $body = $message->GetBody(); print "===\n"; print "Message ($type)\n"; print " From: $from ($resource)\n"; print " Subject: $subject\n"; print " Body: $body\n"; print "===\n"; print $message->GetXML(),"\n"; print "===\n"; } sub InIQ { my $sid = shift; my $iq = shift; my $from = $iq->GetFrom(); my $type = $iq->GetType(); my $query = $iq->GetQuery(); my $xmlns = $query->GetXMLNS(); print "===\n"; print "IQ\n"; print " From $from\n"; print " Type: $type\n"; print " XMLNS: $xmlns"; print "===\n"; print $iq->GetXML(),"\n"; print "===\n"; } sub InPresence { my $sid = shift; my $presence = shift; my $from = $presence->GetFrom(); my $type = $presence->GetType(); my $status = $presence->GetStatus(); print "===\n"; print "Presence\n"; print " From $from\n"; print " Type: $type\n"; print " Status: $status\n"; print "===\n"; print $presence->GetXML(),"\n"; print "===\n"; }
It all works correctly until the line
while(defined($Connection->Process())) { }

where I get the following error:

"There was an error in the last call to Process that you did not check for and handle. You should always check the output of the Process call. If it was undef then there was a fatal error that you need to check. There is an error in your program at client.pl line x"

So, my question, how do I check the output of the process call? I have tried to assign it to a variable and also check if it is defined but anything I seem to do results in the same error message above.

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