Actually, I was originally going to suggest some syntax that lets one define their own accessor code. Unfortunately it seems not to be possible to pass anything but strings to the attribute routine, so passing a coderef is out.

But I guess the generator can check whether a method with the mutator's/accessor's projected name already exists and skip generation if so. It would be easy to define some extra syntax for telling the attribute the desired names.

# separate methods my %Foo : Field(r:get_field w:set_field); # combined mut/acc method my %Foo : Field(rw:quux);
It would be nice there is some more syntax so the autogenerated accessor can do limited parameter validation without one having to write custom ones for simple cases like 'HASH' eq ref $_1. For more complex cases, the could be something like: my %Foo : Field(rw prew:bar postw:baz postr:quux);

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