Thank you very much for your detailed response. I understand what you are saying and of course I could provide a perl app to run on the adminitrator's local machine which would decrypt a downloaded csv file.

I do require ssl and a login to get to the management page, though hearing your opinion I would be inclined to be doubly sure I am not storing password as plaintext. Also I have a different login/password for the staff and for the manager(s) at the company who actually need to see the credit card numbers. Question of whether that is enough or not. Considering it's just a junky virtual host account somewhere I guess the admin can do many bad things to it, but I think getting the cc numbers would require that either he can listen in on the script's decrypting process (possible if he changes my code) or crack the ssl session (I don't think so but hey it's his openssl).

My insights so far: I need to ask a SOPW and immediately plan on providing a perl utility (hopefully perlcc since installing perl might be a hassle) then try some perl gui-ness.. can you spell ballooning?

Oh the insights from that thread, right.. it is not tamperproof hardware, memory is not safe especially since I'm not root. Also I don't have time to look at strings /dev/kmem or looking at /proc/*/kmem or ptrace which I guess maybe someone could do if they're really quick while script is executing for a few seconds a day. Realistically this is really not a problem for my current app but what if I used the same system for something bigger in the future.. Okay I'm only half way through and it is a long thread. I think the question to ask (think I know the answer already though) is how safe is perl when decrypting from remote machine over ssl? If I get more insights from rest of thread will update here. Thanks.

This post I'm not familiar with the systems he mentions. Sounds like something a bit magical which is definitely not going to be available on a cheap provider anyway.

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