hmmm, Vennis, though i applaud the other posts for the ability to post in different native languages so passionately, I basically with your sentiments.

whenever one makes a statement regarding which language it is best to use, the accusation of cultural bias will surface; sometimes rightly, here, i think, wrongly:

the problem is not so much with using other languages to discuss perl, which they may do with greater clarity/brevity/accuracy than english, it is to do it within the confines of the monastery itself.

with a common language, whether it be latin, esperanto or fenugreek, the community has one medium in which to discuss and resolve its problems. with multiple languages, the discussion - and the community - could become divided along national lines, and it would be particularly nasty to see perl monks extraordinary & valuable collective fracture this way, for the sake of, well, vanity. gaelic is not as widely spoken as i would like on the net. is perl monks the place to start righting this wrong? No.

that said: does it need legislation at this stage? probably not; my eyes, accustomed to seeing only english print, have neglected to pick up the faintest trace of portugese, in my cloister, anyway (except, maybe, hola? ;-))


--in the world of the mules there are no rules

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