Recently there was a discussion in the Monastery about the confusion between 'Perl' and 'PERL' and how we could enlighten the rest of the world. This led me to contemplate the meaning of the Acronym Perl....

There are the two traditional expansions

Pathologically Eclectic Rubish Lister Practical Extraction and Report Language
But there are also:
Pink Elephants Reel Liquorishly Papal Encyclicals Read Liturgically Peter Eats Red Licorice Pretty Extreme Racing Line Purple Eggplant, Rather Large Polka-dotted Emus, Running Loose Perfume Enhances Romantic Liasons

The mind boggles. (And a boggled mind is not good for much)

I Go Back to Sleep, Now.


In reply to Perl Etymology, a Recondite List by Old_Gray_Bear

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