It also helped me come to understand what it is I don't like about Java and C++ (Static typing is just wrong! OO without blocks/closures isn't really OO!
I am curious as to how much Java or C++ you have actually programmed. I used to ride on the "Java is evil" band wagon until I actual had to start writing stuff in java. At first it was a pain but the type checking actually helped find a lot of errors quickly. Then I found the great editor eclipse and became a java believer. It takes advantages of java's "evil" typing and saves all sorts of time by been able to do context,type and scope sensitive variable and method completion. It has almost made creating java code as easy as creating perl code. It makes big projects much easier to work on because you do have to go searching for the method names when you cannot remember them. I love perl, but before you knock another language be sure that you have actually used it.

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