You probably have heard of the phenomenon known as "Equidistant Letter Sequences" and the controversy surrounding them. If you haven't, your favorite search engine will give you an introduction.

For purposes of this question, issues regarding the nature, validity, philosophical implications et al ... of this phenomenon are *irrelevant* ... please disregard all that stuff.

The question here is simple: does anyone know a way to *intentionally generate* the "ELS" phenomenon using an existing corpus of English language text? Perhaps if you do not like the term "ELS" you could also call it 'stenography' ... the main goal is to 'embed' a 'cyphertext' message inside a 'plaintext' message in such a way that the cyphertext is plainly and obviously apparent once the novelist reveals the 'decoder letter-distance sequence' to the reader. Moreover, the 'plaintext' should not look 'garbled' or artificial after it is run through the ELS generator.

This may be a complete pipe dream, but it couldn't hurt to ask if anyone has done any work in this area, that they are willing and able to share, or at least give some suggestions, citations, whatever ... (obviously perl is the preferred tool)


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