I have chosen not to learn python mainly because perl already suits my needs, like what merlyn said. OTOH, my new roommate is a python developer, and he and i have had numerous friendly perl vs. python discussions which usually end up trying to find little nit-picky things that one language or the other is better at dealing with.

This has definitely led me to an interest in python, but i still have not learned the language, even while surrounded by the roommates extensive python reference library.

I will definitely say that there are issues with OOPerl, but they have not been enough to get me to change languages after 11 years of programming perl.

I would wager that with just about any language, if you get to know it well enough, you'll be able to find things that are truly problematic, but as with everything in life you work around them.

So i must agree with merlyn, use what suits you.

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