Python only has semantic initial whitespace - most people find that it stops being painful after an hour or so. Unlike Ruby (at least it did the last time I looked) it doesn't have semantic whitespace in the middle of lines... If you don't want to pass spaces in on the command line, use "\t" instead.

2.1 (with nested scopes) has been out since 2001.

Your complaint about trailing commas being context dependent is just... silly. If you've a one element tuple, most people will wrap it in brackets for clarity.

Except in a few specific cases, named functions are preferred to lambdas. You can have perfectly good named closures, just not perfectly good anonymous ones (you can do anything using lambdas, but the end result is pretty disgustingly unreadable).

Blocks won't exactly be rubyish - they're to simplify resource allocation and release, and won't be used everywhere the way that ruby's blocks are.

That said, I think it's fair to say that more Perl programmers will prefer Ruby to Python.

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