What do people downvote nodes without commenting on them?

It's just basic common courtesy to say not just that you dislike something, but why you do so. (It's fine to say something is good without going into details, however.)

(Of course, it's also a fact of life that not everyone possesses basic common courtesy ...)

IMO an improvement would be effected if it was not possible to downvote a node without offering a reply to it.

(And yes, the downvotes on thos node are fully expected. Have it your own way, children. Let's see if we can get this into "worst of the month/year/whatever".)

(Later : well, we made not just worst but most of the 10 or so "worst threads of the week!" I'm quite happy about that. It's also interesting to see that at least a few people in this thread do seem to get what I was trying to say. Thanks for ALL the interesting responses, positive and negative.)

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