(Of course, it's also a fact of life that not everyone possesses basic common courtesy ...)

If someone is misinforming people I will downvote, and if they haven't been corrected by someone, I'll comment. The poster deserves downvotes, but piling on comments doesn't help much. There are plenty of cases where it just isn't worth the time to reply when downvoting (e.g. the poster is flaming; the poster's comment adds no content). In that case, no comment will help them since they are already determined to lack common courtesy (i.e. they already know why they are getting downvoted).

And yes, the downvotes on thos node are fully expected. Have it your own way, children. Let's see if we can get this into "worst of the month/year/whatever".)

Case in point -- no content, flame away with a broad brush. In this case though I'll use some common courtesy and not downvote.

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