Going back three years, I taught an introductory Perl course at the New School's Computer Instruction Center. But that subsequently went out of business -- though I doubt my course had much to do with that!

I don't know of any other formal courses in NYC at the present time, but you're welcome to come to the monthly meetings of Perl Seminar New York http://groups.yahoo.com/group/perlsemny which will resume on the third Tuesday of October and run through May. We've been meeting since December 2000 and function as (a) the tech meeting twin sister to NY Perlmongers' social meetings and (b) the Perl SIG for NYPC Users Group.

I'm meeting with co-moderator Alex Gill this coming week to plan our calendar for the next several months. We don't offer introductory instruction in any systematic way, but at least you'll meet other Perl hackers to whom you can direct questions.


Jim Keenan

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