If you are on a Linux or similar system where the modules are supported and you have FAM configured you could try something like:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use File::Basename; use SGI::FAM; use Linux::Fuser; use File::Spec; my $fam = SGI::FAM->new(); $fam->monitor('/home/jonathan/famtest'); my %filecache; my $newdir = '/home/jonathan/famtemp'; my $fuser = Linux::Fuser->new(); while (1) { my $event = $fam->next_event(); my $basename = basename $event->filename(); my $fullpath = File::Spec->catfile($fam->which($event),$basename); if ( $event->type() eq 'create' ) { $filecache{$basename}++; } elsif ( $event->type() eq 'change' ) { if ( exists $filecache{$basename} and ! $fuser->fuser($fullpath) +) { rename $fullpath,File::Spec->catfile($newdir,$basename) or warn "Couldn't move $fullpath - $ +!\n"; delete $filecache{$basename}; } } else { print "Pathname: ", $event->filename, " Event: ", $event->type, "\n"; } }


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