The problem is that you don't have a well-formed XML file. If it were well-formed,
there would be a root element, which is the ancestral of every other ones. Something like this:

<root> <CVS> $Id:,v 1.1 2006-12-17 19:25:03 eric Exp $ </CVS> <DATE>2006-12-10</DATE> ... <ARTICLE> foo bar baz </ARTICLE> </root>

I think if you do this simple correction, XML::Simple will work right for you. And, by the default,
this root element disappears, so that you'll get at the first level a hash with the keys you want:

You could always try your XML files against a typical browser (like FireFox, Opera, IE, etc.)
to see if they are well-formed or if some error is pointed.

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