I didn't vote on it either but would have if it were available at the time I viewed it. In context, it is an appropriate kind of comment and I am offended that it was ever considered for reaping. This is the kind of thing I expect an adult to be able to say to another adult and when I am at perlmonks, I consider this a forum of adults. It's not professional but then polls and poetry and "cool things" aren't either.

I'm always aware that there's been thirteen year old kids here occasionally but I don't think one node saying "fuck" is going to negatively or positively affect them. I'd rather point them to Randal's Learning Perl if they want to learn perl or Scarleteen if they needed some sex ed (this only occurs to me because the word is "fuck"). I'm not sure where to point them in regards to communicating with adults.

Anyway, this case what I perceive as excessive prurience does really offend me and I hope not to encounter it much in the future. I don't hold much hope out for that because I live in the US which is infested with people who seem to be obsessed with the a sexless fantasy world.

It's an unhappy world being in a place where people ask for "family" stuff in context that are entirely inappropriate. This is one of them. It's appropriate to ask for "professional" but NEVER "family." A pox on the concept.

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