Yep, I got my CPAN id this morning - very quick - only took 5 hours! I've logged in to PAUSE and changed my password etc. I'm reading all the docs at the moment, and reading some of the past requests in the mailing list - I just read yours for Net::SSH in fact!

I mentioned my module in my registration request but didn't request registration of namespace. I wanted to ask around first.

DNS::ZoneFile appears (I couldn't get it to work) to parse the Zone File but doesn't make it easy to query particular things. My module lets you say (in perl speak): tell me what all the nameservers and parameters are for this record, let me change that IP address, add an RR and regenerate the zonefile. I plan to add:

There are so many things I could do - I suppose it depends on whether anyone's interested in it. The architecture of the two modules is very different - I don't know which is better - maybe I should post code here before submitting to CPAN?

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