1. The boxed wine is usually more expensive, by at least 2 bucks a gallon.

2. I think there are more carcinogens in the plastic bag than in the glass bottle. If I had my way, it would come in 5 gallon glass jugs, like water. :-)


I must say, the best solution would be to have everyone bring their own clean sterile reusable PaisanoPail (TM) :-), and refill them at the convenient tanker truck locations every Tuesday and Fridays. :-) A regular 5 gallon plastic pail can be used if it has a sterile entry port, and a closable air vent. (instructions available on the internet....:-) )

If this is the last node I post, I hope it results in the home delivery of wine, from tanker trucks. Then.... my life will have been a success.

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