How much easier, exactly, is this compared to opening two browser tabs to two of the domains where the site is available? I often have three or four PM tabs open when quoting nodes or referring to Super Search in a node.

I could easily make one of those to and another to and have anonymity if I so desired. Then there are,, and as well. Why the site doesn't use whole-subdomain cookies so that there are only three instead of six sets of cookies I'm not sure, but that's moot here.

I already have a different color scheme and different CSS when I'm logged in and when I'm not, so that would make it easier for me to know which window would be anonymous. In fact, I use that in part to keep from accidentally posting as AM. The site has supported that for quite some time despite its potential to help someone troll.

The AM guest nodes themselves make it easier to troll. It's been considered that a few trolls now and then don't outweigh the benefits of non-members being able to ask and answer questions.

Several trolls on this site post using their username. Having Anonymous Monk around doesn't stop them from logging in and taking credit for their trolling. I doubt this tool would stop them from making pseudonymous troll nodes rather than anonymous ones. Heck, sometimes people who attach their real names to the nodes read like trolls.

I think your assumption that anonymity leads to more trolling says more about your distrust of anonymous posters than it does about the anonymous posters themselves.

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