Hi, I am trying to write a script which reads data from a GZip compressed network stream. The first byte is defined as a "Z" - the following data is then ziped. My current attempt looks as follow:
my $s=new IO::Socket::INET(PeerAddr => "$server", PeerPort => $port ); print $s "C\n";#ask for the challenge my $chall; my $status; my $status=$s->recv($temp, 1); $status=$s->recv($temp, 1024); $chall=Compress::Zlib::uncompress($chall);
Unfortunately $chall is always undef indicating a compression error. Given the sizes of $temp and $chall, I am already not sure about the reading of the data from the network for binary data - I have used recv sofar only with text - does recv also work for binary data?
What is the correct way to decompress a GZip stream?

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