It is still considered so that those who have voted on the consideration are able to check back and see how the vote tally has progressed.

It will be unconsidered automatically after a few weeks since surely nobody will take action on that consideration request.

I'm sure you could see how it would be frustrating to feel strongly one way or the other about a consideration, vote on it (perhaps before anybody else has voted on it), get involved in one's real life, then come back to the site to check on the consideration and find no evidence of the consideration ever having happened.

As seems to be the norm, I find your reasoning utterly specious.

If the consideration is clearly merited of action, then that action will often be taken forthwith. At which point, your frustrated, but only occasional visitor monks, will have no mechanism to see the relative merit of their actions.

But if the consideration is of no merit, they'll be able to come back after a few weeks to find that out.

Way to go man. Democracy in action.

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