Is there any perl Certification available ?
Sure. You can get one for $50,000 from a well known Perl monk.

I can't speak for others, but I've done a lot of interviewing and recruiting over many years. What I've noticed is that just about everyone I've ever interviewed who has a certification, on further probing, has proved to know precious little about what they were certified for! Why is this? I'm not sure, but from the certification questions I've seen asked at Perl Monks, I suspect a common reason for seeking certification is that the certification seeker has appalling Perl and general programming skills and accordingly will never get a job if interviewed by a technical interviewer. Their best job-seeking strategy, therefore, is to seek a position interviewed by non-technical HR or managerial types, wear a suit, and wave a certification under their (clueless) noses. That's not always the case though, sometimes folks are forced to attend a certification course by their employer. One example that springs to mind here is of a superb C++ developer at work who holds a Java certification! Apparently, his previous employer got sucked in and paid big bucks to send him on a Java certification course. I relentlessly tease him about this Java certification because he knows nothing of Java, just attended the course and never used it again. So, over many years of interviewing, holding a certification has actually become a negative factor for me.

See also Certifications are dumb. Update: See also New Perl Certification Course.

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