I wrote some Perl to say hello,
To a world i did not know.
Prepended line numbers there in tow,
I basically told it where to go.

10 ? 'Hello World!\n';

Something there did not quite load,
No matter how i tried to goad,
Quickly then i shifted mode,
And thought i'd see to add the code.

use cout; print << 'Hello World!\n';

But that just didn't work at all,
Did i forget to make a call?
Imagining i was Larry Wall,
I coded the sequel to carry the ball.

query::statement->execute('SELECT "Hello World!\n"');

What's there to object in that line?
On paper it had worked just fine,
Perl is broken...or is that just mine?
No, add a line, and never whine!

procedure perl is begin(print 'Hello World!\n')

Something there was still not right,
But, waste not time and be contrite.
I must put up and win this fight,
Make a web of code to end my plight.

<?perl <print>'Hello World!\n'</print>; ?>

Just when i thought my code was suited,
I found that i was just deluded,
But where had the offending line intruded?
Oh! Just assemble a line to be included.

use LC0.ascii /Hello, world!/; movl $LC0, (%esp);

Why is it that Perl is so frustrating?
I give perfect code, yet it's not abating,
And people love what i start hating?
I need help, if just for tranlsating.

print *, "Hello World!", e\nd

Then again, thrown to the ground,
But i know that my good code is sound!
Perhaps the web has help to be found,
And answer: why does perl monkey around?

I added a node, asking the question,
I posted my code, and made sure to mention,
How perfect it was, (at least in inflection).
I just hope that Poetry is the correct section.

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