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PM me if you have odd jobs you'd like done by someone with 15 years of experience with Perl, Unix/BSD/Linux administration, and excellent English communication skills.

I am a freelance programmer who has been working with Perl since about 1995. (I barely started with version 4 before version 5 came along.) I've used Perl for a lot of CGI s‎crip‎ts, small user administration tools, day-to-day data mining and quick hacks, and a few larger-scale programs. I've gradually become more proficient in other languages like C, PHP (out of necessity), and Javas‎crip‎t, but Perl is my main focus and area of expertise. Recently I've built sites with HTML::Mason and am now working with Dancer and liking it a lot.

In addition to programming, I also do Unix system administration and networking. My own systems currently run FreeBSD and Ubuntu, but I've worked with many of the *BSD variants and Linux distributions, as well as Solaris, HP-UX, SCO, and others.

You are invited to visit my web site, where I will be collecting some of my useful Perl s‎crip‎ts.