Younger or more sensitive readers may wish to skip this poem.

This poem is rather "dark" and contains explicit "adult" material.

 ## perl for bottoms
 ## chuck hanrahan
    push me, @slaves;
    goto $crypt;
    crypt is, dark;
    listen softly, gently;
    listen to, MASTER;
    rename me, slave;
    do not, escape;
    push (me, forward, down);
    warn "punishment" if resist;
    tie %me, @there;
    tie %down, @slaves;
    while (defined abs tighten-against-rope) {
       close my $mouth;
       tell me, orders;
       touch me, body, soul; 
       formline single, file;
       do me;
       if (alarm length) { 
          warn "behave";
          do not, exit; 
          do me, harder; 
       recv your, $length, deeply, sir;
       seek pleasure, in, you;
       redo until ( sqrt ( "hot come into me" ));
       last MASTER;
    join me;
    accept destiny, slave;

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