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The fact that you're thinking this way and have these specific questions already means you're in pretty good shape out of the gate.

Other people have covered the sensible additional questions and issues pretty well I think.

Someone's perceptions of how well they follow best practices, et al, are almost always going to be better than they are. What I think you really want to hear is "not as well as we'd like, but we're pulling in that direction." More likely you'll hear "Yes, We're leet!" in an attempt to impress. Which, meh, they're human, it's what to expect.

You could cut through a lot of bullshit if you could get them to give you a specific real life example of a couple assignments. Reaction to that kind of a question will tell you volumes.

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Re^2: Job Questions
by PerlSufi (Friar) on Nov 20, 2013 at 15:42 UTC
    Great response, Voronich. Good call on getting them to give me some real life examples, too. I'll see if I can do that

      People can be hesitant to do that, which can be telling of a couple things. They might not want to say because it reveals too much about their business in some way. Or perhaps because they're bashful about their code. You'll be able to tell by the interviewers behavior I'm sure.

      I was asked a really great, detailed, squirrely debugging/diagnosis question a few jobs ago. After a really entertaining 10-15 minutes or so of asking follow up questions to try and solve the problem, I diagnosed the problem and provided the sequence of steps required to solve the problem. Then it suddenly struck me what was going on. It was easily as much fun as I've had on an interview in a very long time.