in reply to guidance on naming my first module for CPAN

Though I quite like davido's later suggestion of Data::QuickMemoPlus::Extract, I bring your attention to a general piece of naming advice from Writing Solid CPAN Modules, namely that Perl Best Practices, in the item "Use grammatical templates when forming identifiers", recommends a module naming template of:

Abstract_noun Abstract_noun::Adjective Abstract_noun::Adjective1::Adjective2
For example:
package Disk; package Disk::Audio; package Disk::DVD; package Disk::DVD::Rewritable

Based on that advice -- since "extract" is a verb (not an adjective) -- perhaps extract should be a method name in module Data::QuickMemoPlus.

Update: Given that Extract is a verb (or could be a noun depending on context), Extractor a noun, and Extractable an adjective, you could play around with names like:

Data::Extractor::QuickMemoPlus Data::Extractable::QuickMemoPlus Data::QuickMemoPlus::Extractor
Further update: ... I now prefer salva's suggestion: Data::QuickMemoPlus::Reader