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Using Excel::Writer::XLSX::Chart::Pie, does anyone know how to explode a pie chart (to create a gap between the pie slices, ala excels setting: 'Format Data Series' -> 'Pie Explosion')? I had a look through the docs but couldn't see anything.


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Re: XLSX::Chart::Pie -> Exploding
by NetWallah (Canon) on Oct 12, 2021 at 04:44 UTC
    You could try to convert this VBA code into the equivalent perl.

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Re: XLSX::Chart::Pie -> Exploding
by pryrt (Monsignor) on Oct 12, 2021 at 15:46 UTC

    The Excel::Writer::XLSX::Chart or Excel::Writer::XLSX::Chart::Pie add_series method don't seem to expose the explosion attribute for a chart series.

    So, to see if I could work around it: I used the example in the SYNOPSIS of Excel::Writer::XLSX::Chart::Pie to create chart.xlsx without exploding pie pieces. I unzipped the chart1.xml from the original for reference. Then I used Excel to edit chart.xlsx to explode the pie to 5%, and extracted its chart1.xml. Looking at the differences, I think the critical point is at original:

    <c:ser> <c:idx val="0"/> <c:order val="0"/> <c:cat> <c:numRef> <c:f>Sheet1!$A$2:$A$7</c:f>
    vs modified:
    <c:ser> <c:idx val="0"/> <c:order val="0"/> <c:explosion val="5"/> <c:cat> <c:numRef> <c:f>Sheet1!$A$2:$A$7</c:f>
    ... The modified version adds the <c:explosion val="5"/> empty tag.

    I dug in a little, and unsuccessfully tried to monkey-patch things to include that extra xml tag (but I discovered after a lot of work I was patching in the wrong place). It looks like what needs to happen is the Excel::Writer::Chart::add_series method needs to be taught the explosion attribute; or similarly, Excel::Writer::Chart::Pie needs to define a wrapper around the parent add_series method which calls the parent, then appends the explosion attribute; and then whichever module is patched would have to also define _write_explosion to call $self->xml_empty_tag('c:explosion', val => $value;. If I find time later today, I might look into that more... but no guarantees (I think the best bet is to add the add_series-wrapper in ::Pie, and defining the _write_explosion() method in ::Pie as well).

    Whatever happens, it is also a good idea to put in a feature request for Excel-Writer-XLSX to officially add the explosion attribute for charts (or at least pie charts) and the individual per-data-point explosion attribute as well (since you can explode individual slices). That is a feature that would be good to support natively, without monkey-patching.

      Okay, with the following code, I was able to make an exploding pie chart.

      There are things here that I'm not happy with. Ideally, the ...::Pie::_write_ser should mostly just run the ::Chart::_write_ser but somehow insert the call to _write_explosion; I didn't know how to do that. It may be that the "right" answer is for ::Chart::_write_ser to include the call to _write_explosion itself, rather than having the ::Pie do it... Maybe then having ::Chart::_write_explosion be empty but ::Chart::Pie::_write_explosion be defined as in my code. But for the v1.00 and v1.09 of Excel::Writer:::XLSX, the code I shared worked.

      Again, really, it should be incorporated into the distribution with a feature request -- if you do create such a feature request, you have my permission to point the author to this post, and the author may include the code I presented here with whatever fixes or adaptations are necessary to make it work with the distro as a whole.