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Your concern about nodes getting more reputation than they 'deserve' based upon location strikes me as inconsistent.

Consider: it is not only a well-known fact that front-paging affects a node's reputation (to the point that I could find no other nodes discussing it, only nodes assuming it to be the case), it is also equally known that root-level nodes usually generate more interest--and xp--than replies. Discussion nodes have also been pegged as xp-generators.

You may find it interesting to read one of the many previous discussions on adding new levels.

The problem with your resolutions is that you cannot be another person's conscience. I expect that most will continue to vote according to their convictions, something I also hope you were doing before you made these resolutions.

If you really want others to treat your posts according to your views, then you should eschew anything that might get you 'unearned' xp, such as front paging, root-level nodes, links to your previous posts, and mentioning your posts in the chatterbox.

Some people feel strongly that certain forms of xp--such as xp gained from discussion and meditation--are somehow unsuitable. At least one person has taken steps to ensure that her xp gains don't come in conflict with her convictions. I don't agree, but I admire the attitude.

An alternative is to embrace this little game we call xp, and take the bonuses when you get them, and the knocks as well. One day you'll be on the front page; the next you might be on worst nodes at the bottom of a dogpile. Or just ignore the whole thing.

I've read so many ideas on how to 'fix' voting, but is it broken? This does not mean that some people might not use it in a way I consider 'broken'--such as spending all votes to get xp--only that I believe the system itself works as intended, which means that each person votes according to her or his feelings.

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