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Personally, I think that signing your work with some sort of banner or "About" link is cool. Some people like to see the names (and possibly pictures) of people who put in the hard work to provide them with a product. Of course, there are those that think of it as a nuisance. If the clients give you the ok, you should do it.

It's always nice to see people take pride in their work. Yes, I agree with everyone else that says "Not everyone needs to be thanked for their work." At the same time, working in an environment where you write code only to have some jerk come at you and yell about "this is not what I want" or something of that nature can be pretty depressing. No matter how hard-willed a person is, there's a time when we all need to sign our work, look back, and say: "God damn! I am just too good!"

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