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A long time ago, before Windows NT 4.0 I was given a Windows NT 3.51 box to use, on which I installed the "EMWAC HTTPs" web server. Having worked only on remote *nix box previously without access to the CGI-BIN, this was a new experience.

I quickly learnt CGI, but found that Pascal/Delphi was more effort than it was worth to use with CGI, so I went off and got a Perl book and learnt that instead. Perl seemed popular, and there were plenty of scripts lying about free to use.

Though I had done programming before Perl was very new to me, and it took a while to find the correct resources. I found an old Perl4 CGI library "cgi-lib" and played with that. Back then wasn't distributed with copy of Perl I had, Matt Write didn't use it and anyway I didn't understand it.

I wrote some scripts based upon a customised version of cgi-lib and all was well. I was happy and it did "exactly what i want".

I quickly found that it was not ideal:

I had a problem, several script based on old and obsolte code, that was getting messy, difficult to distribute, and had no future.

In steps Even in the days before ActiveState's PPM, I was able to install it from CPAN on a NT3.51 box. I believe it's shipped as standard with all versions of Perl now. Okay I now had to change my scripts, but I got the following:

Since switching to, my ego may have been deflated, but my code is simpler, more secure, and easy to distribute now.

My humble 2p

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