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2samtregar: No, this isn't a joke. But, you really really think that I can wrote usable CPAN index in 5 hours?? Thanx a lot!

2belg2mit: "...throw it away and try another module..." - I'm start this thread after I waste many hours just to "throw away" 20 from 22 DBIx::* modules!!! The only 2 is left: DBIx::Recordset and DBIx::Profile. And even these modules don't fit my needs, but these modules are COOL and MAY be used in future. Think about other 20...
And I 100% agree with ...I'd still rather have it in it's current form vs. the totalitarian schemes used in some other languages.... But this is about all modules in one place and anyone can add new module, not about easy to use.

2tstock: YES! This is EXACTLY that I think about CPAN!
I think that using pages like Most Often Mentioned Modules as master source for rating and search engines like google as slave can help us create really usable popularity index.

But! Popularity index is not exactly that can make CPAN much more usable! I think only some sort of global bugtracking system, forums, voting, etc. can do it! But this must be done on, not at

So, the only thing I can do right now - popularity/etc reports/indexes. I have some free time right now, so if you send to me comments/ideas about this, links to pages like Most Often Mentioned Modules, etc. I will try to create usable index/report.
My email: powerman at sky. net. ua.
I'm not sure how about posting these links/ideas here, but if you think that better to post here instead of using my email - feel free to do it! ;-)