Dear Monks,
This is not exactly perl related and I am sure the Monastery would welcome the discussion.

I often print the interesting nodes and read off-line. Now I am in habit of storing such node-pages and reading when I get time even after 2-3 months. I make marks on the pages, for the items in form of circle,lines, underlines etc and then re-read them as and when require at later time. I often mark things with additional words, such as 'Book' or 'Module' etc..

1. Have you seen or developed any standard methods for 'marking things' on paper. Let me know too, if you suggest one, yourself.

2. Is it possible to have online -marking system ? Any external tools or perl modules would be useful. ( I see the possibility with SVG). Another possibility would be to convert the document to an image file and make circles using a paint program and integrate with version control system, just in case of someone asks.
An internet version would be better as I can access it at different places.


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