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Nope, read the posts again and you'll see that deriwana was asking essentially the same question.

Imagine the following. I can't find my car keys, so I ask a friend for help. My friend comes over and sees clothes all over the floor, papers strewn everywhere, and trash piling up. My friend says "How can you find your keys in this mess? Clean your room and it will be easier to find."

Time passes and I again ask my friend to help me find my keys. What does my friend see? I've now pulled out all of my drawers and strewn even more stuff around the room. When my friend says "I'm not going to help because you didn't clean your room", is my friend being rude or am I inconsiderate for ignoring my friend's advice?

deriwana was using strict at one point and decided to remove it. Warnings would have helped, but this person ignored advice to use them, also. deriwana was also eval'ing a chunk of vanilla Perl. This person was also asked to provide information from log files, but didn't.

In short, multiple people pointed out that cleaning the room would make the keys easier to find, but deriwana chose to make the room messier. Read through my posts. You will see that I have spent a considerable amount of time helping people out with many problems. Invariably, if I am a bit short with someone, it's because of issues like this (or if they flame).

I will happily help someone with a problem that I feel I understand. Heck, I even help them clean their room. I won't, however, clean their room for them. Further, if their room gets messier after being told why they should clean it, I'm not going to help any more.

Hope that helps ;-)


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Re: Clean your room
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 23, 2007 at 02:14 UTC
    make you mom clean your room