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no special mode is needed if you program in Java as everything is secure anyway...

From the security books ive been reading this is a totally crap argument. Java's security model was tacked on after much of the Java development had been completed (and has been changed several times). There have been a number of instances of Java being compromised because programmers blindly relied on the security model to protect them.

Perls security model is simple and designed to prevent this type of false security. Distrust everything. Always be aware of potential holes. And since Java has no taint'ing mechanism it is thus more susecptable to programmer oversight. Which as we all know happens a lot.

"the syntax is horrible - all those %@$~/"

Those sigils are intended very specifically to seperate things that are different. Damian Conway co-write a paper on how languages that avoid such differentiation have higher error rates and are less suitable for teaching.

And frankly I hate the try/catchiness of java. :-)

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