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I think a big problem at the moment is that hosting providers will not load mod_perl on shared hosting plans.

This is true, but just try to find an ISP that will run Java/JSP on a shared server or on any managed environment. Most of the time (as with mod_perl) you will be completely responsible for everything except the cables being plugged in. The truth is, that JSP/J2EE is still not very mature and the ISPs are rightly careful about supporting something that hasn't really proven to be all that stable.

OTOH, if you make a system in Perl/CGI and you take some care of your coding practices, you can start your site on a shared server and move on to a dedicated machine and mod_perl when the need arises (and in my expirience, it mostly doesn't).

As for one user taking out the whole system, those providers are right: any process can grow uncontrollably and take all a server's memory. This includes a CGI program if it's determined (or stupid) enough. It's just easier in mod_perl. :-)

-- Joost downtime n. The period during which a system is error-free and immune from user input.

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by Anonymous Monk on Feb 06, 2003 at 17:39 UTC
    Hosting is still an issue since it requires mod_perl to run properly, but I've found Apache::ASP to be awesome after having used CGI, ColdFusion, and servlets/JSP. I say just colocate a server and use what's best for you if you can't find a host with the right stuff. The big advantage that most people aren't mentioning much is speed of *development*! You can always throw more hardware at it if you find execution speed to really be an issue (I never have...mod_perl is plenty zippy for me). Hardware is cheap; programming effort is not. I am a Sun Certified Java programmer, but I can do the same things I can do in Java in Perl with probably 1/3 of the code. I've reached the point where the only reason I care about Java is for my resume. Perl is the language for getting things done!