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Hi Chicken,

  Too bad most of your question and the responses have focussed on what I think is the least important 90% of your post.

  There are lots of reasons why posts don't get answered. But there are also some weak spots in the Monastery which you hit right on.

  One is that there are some Perl technical subjects which many people are interested in hearing guru-like answers about, but there just aren't any gurus in existence. For example Perl and GUIs is a big one. It seems that Perl/Tk is a big one, Activestate has seen it to be important and released some tools, and then there is the GTK stuff, and then people who want something that may work/look better probably end up moving away to either wxwindows or maybe (ever?) perl embedded in C. So as for "zombie" questions, forget 'em. Maybe keep a list of them and do research on your own for the next time it comes up. But all the answers come from somebody putting in a significant amount of time finding them.

  And yes, another big weak spot for PM is that PM tends to rely on the memory of its individual members; the system has only a limited ability to maintain a self-organizing knowledge base. I agree that it would be valuable to have even a minimal persistent, user-updateable knowledge store on PM and I'm working on some ideas along those lines myself. For now, Super Search is your friend.

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