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<japhy> wow. ann arbor MUGGY? I've never heard of such a thing ;)

Monks I met at yapc::NA::2001:

chipmunk - cogent - erudil - japhy - turnstep
mrmick - nate - dominus - da - rrwo - andreychek

You can view a few pictures of (most of) us.

While I was reading a tutorial the other day, the conversation in the chatbox reminded me why I like this place so much. The excerpt (reprinted with kind permission from chipmunk, Stamp_Guy, and OeufMayo) is a great example of how knowledgeable and helpful monks can be:

<Stamp_Guy> Could someone give me a regex that strips off a path name and the extension on a file?
<OeufMayo> Oh, you mean File::Basename?
<chipmunk> Stamp_Guy: s/(.*)/use File::Basename; @parts = fileparse($1); $1/e ;)
<Oeufmayo> chipmunk++
<Stamp_Guy> Does that come preinstalled with Perl?
<chipmunk> Stamp_Guy: yes indeedy!
<OeufMayo> yes it does!

Now that's what I like to see-- a monk asks a question, the response to which could have led him in the wrong direction. The correct answer (don't roll your own, use CPAN!) was immediately given, and by more than one monk!

My personal nodelet was getting out of hand, so I put all my favorite nodes here: