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A patchcomment nodetype is in order then (smells like a good idea to me).

A few pmdevils have become frustruated with just waiting around without any consideration/explanation of why their patches were rejected, thinking that their work is for nothing ( is it because most gods aren't that active, or whatever?).
It's a shame to have pmdevils lose interest (btw - I sympathise with the gods, it is a tough job, I know what it's like).

I say we implement patch comments regardless of how this 1/5th god idea turns out (calling all pmdevils: all this needs is a patchcomment nodetype, patchcomment display page, patchcomment edit page, and a patch for patch display page to include the patchcomments for that particular patch, and a addapatch form -- if you need help/ideas, ask away -- actually, you could get away with simply editing patch display page to include a form for creating nodes of type note, with the root_node set to that particular patch id -- which is better?).

BTW, any ideas on when the next, if any, batch of gods is coming out? (it's been so long since it's been mentioned/discussed, I completely forgot if any were scheduled to happen).

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Re: Re: Re: pmdev: patches to consider (feature idea)
by JayBonci (Curate) on Mar 12, 2003 at 16:33 UTC
    Honestly, another feature I'd like is the ability to release a patch's creation to be editable by pmdev. To seriously be able to collaborate on patches, it makes sense that we should be able to make "friendly" amendments to patches, without the actual patch nodes themselves stack up. This'd work well if we had patchcomments to back it up. It'd also help refine things into the best piece of code that the community could come up with. The semantics and social coordination aspect will form naturally from this collaboration.


      gods can set the patch owner to pmdev and then we can all edit together. See parselinksinchatter - (patch), for example (what I used to test before opening my mouth).

      A feature to allow a patch owner to set the owner to be pmdev would be fine if someone wants to patch it in.

                      - tye