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Hi, I've just trying to add a simple script to my site. I got this simple script from a friend of mine (which was based from the code from PerlMonks site). The script aims to retrieve the headlines from the BBC News web site. You can see the source code at that address: http://ileriseviye.org/BBCNewsTicker.html

I've tried the script from my Debian GNU/Linux command line and it worked like a charm. So I decided it to upload to my website and call it from an IFRAME tag. This way the script which lives at http://ileriseviye.org/cgi-bin/BBCNewsTicker.pl would liven up the homepage of the site. I did what I should and then fired up my Mozilla web browser. Everything was OK when I connected to http://ileriseviye.org. I refreshed it a few times and each time the page was rendered within a few seconds.

So what is the problem you ask? When I switched to Win2000 and tried to view this page using Internet Explorer (5.5, & 6.0) the page behaved very very differently! It took ages to render the page. At first I thought it can be related to some IFRAME tag issue related to IE. Or maybe the problem was with BBC News site. However when I ran Mozilla or Phoenix on Win2000 everything seemed OK once again. While IE was struggling to retrieve the page I was refreshing the same page using Mozilla & Phonenix and there was no problem for these browsers.

Since this is server-side programming I simply couldn't understand why it is very different for different web browsers. I'm new to Perl, CGI, etc. so I'll be glad if the fellow experienced monks can enlighten me on this problem. All comments showing me the right way are welcome.
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Re: BBCNewsTicker.pl Behaves Different For Different Browsers
by bbfu (Curate) on Apr 01, 2003 at 20:03 UTC

    I haven't looked at the source, but I just wanted to note that I loaded the page in both IE6 and Mozilla on Win2k and it displayed fine in both. It actually displayed a little faster in IE6 but not terribly so. Perhaps you could test in on another computer, or on a different browser (such as Opera).

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      Thanks for testing the page on your machine with different browsers. I've also heard that many people reached the page and saw the BBCNews part without any problem. Maybe it is problem related to some crappy configuration with my PCs or the network. The most difficult thing with this problem is that it sometimes work sometimes don't (I mean at my office PC running and IE and home PC running IE). Anyway thanks for your comments, made me feel a little bit better ;-)